Why I join as a Real Estate Agent

My passion for the real estate industry dates back to when I first joined as a Building Material Supplier. During that time, I’ve learned how to do sales and procurement, pitching it to developers and architects. While the time was enjoyable, my role as a parent took over.

As a mother of 3 wonderful kids, I want to always be there for them. Especially in their toughest moments.

During my eldest boy’s O-level exam, I took the RES exams to prove to them that studying isn’t hard. The RES exam is known to be notoriously hard to pass, with less than 30% passing rate for first timers. I wanted to prove a point to them:

If mommy can do it. So can you!

During the last few weeks before the exam, I spent almost half the day reading up my notes and doing all the exam papers I could find. The exam was tough but I passed on my first try!

Quality service

Exceptional service that guarantees satisfaction, delivered with care and expertise

Personalized Approach

Tailored solutions catered to every individual.

Reliable Expertise

Your trusted real estate agent, guiding you with years of experience and in-depth market knowledge

Flexible schedule

Adaptable hours make scheduling easy, accommodating your needs effortlessly


“Veron really listened to what we wanted and helped us find the perfect home. She made the whole process so easy and fun. We’re so grateful for her hard work and would recommend her to anyone looking for a great home-buying experience!”

– Jason & Esther, Happy Clients


“Really happy with this new project that we bought recommended by Veron! Looking forward to our new home that complements our lifestyle!”

– Daniel & Denise, Happy Clients


“She made sure I understood everything and answered all my questions patiently. Thanks to her , I found the perfect place, and we can’t thank her enough for her effort and dedication!”

– Alex & Angeline, Contented clients


“Despite the inconvenience from Covid, she made sure I was able to effectively review through the ongoing projects, making sure I find the one that would provide the best value for future-proofing.”

– Henry, Contented client


The experience

Real Estate Journey With Me

It’s about creating lasting partnerships that thrive on trust and mutual success.

Building strong relationships with my clients is my priority, ensuring that their needs are met not only in the present but also throughout their real estate journey.

Till date, I would rather deliver the highest level of quality service rather than a one-time business.

During the first 2 years in the business, I was focused on learning rather than increasing my earnings.

This is probably why almost all my past clients are still in contact and growing their property investment with me.

Knowing they are in capable hands, my clients find the confidence to start off their property investment journey, guided by someone who cares about their success and well-being

It’s an incredible feeling to witness the continued growth of these relationships and to be part of their ongoing real estate success stories.

This is probably why almost all my past clients are still in contact and growing their property investment with me.

For team building, I want to invite like minded agents who is into metaphysics to join me.

The journey of metaphysics is an extremely long one. And only like-minded can understand and walk the journey together.

So we learn , play and work together and integrate learning, playing and work into our lives. So work naturally becomes a part of us, a part of what we enjoy and is no longer boring.

Apart from the usual estate planning, I also provide my clients with:

In depth property future valuation research

Picking the best Feng Shui layout

Calculate potential returns for my clients